Practically all breastfeeding moms are worried about proper lactation. Once you start breastfeeding your baby, in the initial days, you’re worried whether you’re producing enough milk for your baby or not. Most of the pediatricians out there opine that the production of breast milk depends on demand and supply. If your baby is gaining weight as he should and is otherwise healthy, then you can rest assured that you’re producing the right amount of milk for him. Low milk supply is often engendered by improper latching. Other reasons may include hormonal changes, insufficient secretions, and nutritional deficiencies. Breastfeeding moms should be careful enough to feed their babies as per the demand – i.e. as long as he wants.   

Lactare granules powder for Lactating Moms: Do they Really Work?

Lactare granules powderbelieved to be great galactagogues – as such – often makes it to breastfeeding moms’ diet. However, do lactonic granules actually work? As someone who has started breastfeeding her baby, you can talk to other moms who have taken this powder. Most likely, you’re likely to come across mixed reviews about the efficacy of lactare granules powder. While some would swear by it, there are others who would tell you that they haven’t noticed much difference after taking it. 

How Do They Work?

According to the experts, lactare granules actually work because they contain lactation supplements that facilitate the production of milk in breastfeeding moms. Working mothers often end up endorsing lactare granule powder because it helps them pump and store the breast milk. Do know for a fact that most of the lactonic supplements are available in their herbal form. A few examples have been mentioned below:

Fennel seeds are widely advised for lactating mums. Besides bolstering milk production, they are also believed to reduce bloating.  

Fenugreek remains a very effective means of addressing low milk supply among breastfeeding moms. It should be used only after consulting your doctor because it is known to lower blood sugar.

Shatavari Lactation Bars: Why are they Advised for Lactating Moms?

Talking of efficacy, something that we just cannot exclude from our list is the lactation bar. Have you heard about lactation bars containing the Queen of Herbs—Shatavari? Shatavari remains a widely known galactagogue. Prolactin remains one of the key ingredients driving milk supply.

And, Shatavari accelerates milk production by stimulating prolactin and also by suppressing dopamine. This herb is known to increase breast milk as well as improve its quality. Since Shatavari in its raw form is almost inedible (thanks to its bitter taste) lactating moms are advised to consume them in the form of bars that are tasty and equally healthy.

Lactation bars are not only known to provide support during the lactating phase but also help moms through postpartum depression and regularise discrepancies in the menstrual cycle. Make sure you’re trying them out to aid milk supply if you really think that you need help there.

Besides Shatavari, oats (the very healthy breakfast) are known to amp up prolactin levels invariably increasing milk supply among women.