Nobody ever said that being a woman is a walk in the park. Rather, there are so many challenges which women have to face all their life starting right from birth. They have to fight for their lives, rights and whatnot. Now, to add more challenge to the life of a woman, they are also blessed with periods. Yes, we women bleed for 4-6 days every month with a smile on our face. However, like all other things in life, periods are also not permanent. There comes a time in the life of every woman when she ceases to be fertile and also menstruate. This process of stopping the period in women is known as “menopause”.
Gone are the days when women used to enter their menopause in the late 40s or at times 50s. Given the current eating habits and unhealthy lifestyle, women tend to enter their menopause period soon. Below are some of the signs and symptoms of menopause and also about the way we can delay this natural phenomenon of menopause.

4 Signs & Symptoms of Menopause

  1. Irregular Periods: No, you do not have to compare your irregular period’s cycle if you are a young adult or teenager. By irregular periods in menopause, we mean to say that middle-aged adult women who are suffering from irregular periods, then it is a sign that you will soon enter your menopause. The extent of irregularity may be that you may get periods in every 2-3 weeks or at times no periods for 3-4 months. If you are facing such irregularity, then it is always better to consult a gynaecologist to avoid any health risks as well.
  2. Vaginal Dryness: The next most common symptom of soon to be approaching menopause is vaginal dryness. This vaginal dryness may also result in a continuous itch in the vagina. At times, women who are suffering from this symptom may also feel extreme pain at the time of sexual intercourse. Women can sometimes also suffer from vaginal inflammation. If you are going through any of these conditions, then it is a sign that you should immediately see a doctor.
  3.  Night sweats: One of the most irritating signs and symptoms of approaching menopause is the night sweats. If you find yourself sweating at extreme while in sleep or suddenly waking up from sleep just to find that you are sweating a lot, then it is a symptom of menopause. However, such night sweats do not last for more than a few minutes. At times, a woman may also face sudden hot flashes of heat during the day time or while sleeping indicating that their menopause is near.
  4.  Emotional changes: Another sign or symptom of reaching menopause is that you may feel sudden emotional changes or unstable emotions. There will be times when you will feel all depressed at times, suddenly happy and joyful at the extreme.

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