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Female infertility is not an uncommon problem. If you’re battling it at present, then you should know that you are not alone. There are thousands of other women who actually find it difficult to conceive and even if they do, then they struggle to carry the pregnancy to term. It can be quite frustrating for a woman to face the problems of infertility. It is not only physiological but it mentally very stressful too.
There are so many things that might go wrong during this time and cause infertility. It is difficult to pinpoint one cause of female fertility. Documented below are a few of them:

Problems in the Menstrual Cycle




Failure to ovulate


Irregular Periods

Autoimmune Disorders

Can Infertility be Treated?

There is no infallible treatment for female infertility. However, that doesn’t really mean that infertility in all cases is incurable. You, for instance, can definitely take control of your lifestyle choices associated with smoking, substance use, etc. to deal with the problem – if, at all, your lifestyle is the cause of your infertility. Well, in many cases it has been observed that a change in lifestyle has actually helped a woman to come out of her problems with infertility.

How can our Shavari help?

Our product Shavari is a storehouse of Shatavari, dubbed as the queen of herbs in Ayurveda. Shatavari has an instrumental role to play in addressing female infertility. It works by increasing libido, curing organ inflammation and facilitating folliculogenesis and ovulation. What more. It is also known to prepare your womb for conception, prevent miscarriage and normalize uterus.

A few words on us

Shatavari remains one of those herbal plants that have been in use since time immemorial – and not without reasons. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and nutritional properties, Shatavari has been consumed to counter a range of physical inconsistencies including menopause, female infertility, blood sugar, and stress.
Shatavari in its rawest form is neither palatable nor presentable. It tastes too sour or bitter. Gorging on Shatavari granules implies the undesirable intake of sugar.
This is the reason why, we at ACT have tried to offer a premium – a one-of-its-kind line of products, retaining the goodness of herbs without compromising on its health benefits.
Dr. Amita Birla, a qualified pediatrician, and our steward have relentlessly guided us since 2013 to offer you a superior line of products, complete with health and taste – produced in a scientific manner.

The Uniqueness of our Product Summed Up in a Few Words

Shatavari products are usually sold in the form of capsules or granules. However, these formulations have their own share of setbacks to deal with. Most of the granules are 80% sugar, while tablets have serious compliance issues to contend with.
This is precisely the reason which had led us to create the Shavari granola bars that are a perfect combination of taste and health. Carry them around in a hassle-free fashion and get all the necessary nutrition you need.


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